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VIP escort in Israel

Israel attracts many tourists because there are excellent conditions for recreation. Every guest will find what he likes. Some people love the sea and the beaches, others can turn to health centers, others - to visit holy places, the fourth - night clubs, etc. As you can see, the tourist destination in the country is associated with different things.

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However, tourists are divided into different categories, and among them may be rich people who prefer to use the services of beautiful and educated girls. Therefore, a VIP escort in Israel is extremely popular.

Many for some reason believe that this service involves sex. However, this assumption is not true. Sex services can be obtained in any brothels of the country, which are many in the state. Elite escort involves a range of services for support of a businessman. This is a top class service that meets the highest requirements of the client. Therefore, VIP - service is available only to wealthy men.

When is a VIP escort required?

Escort escort may be required if you intend to:

• Noisy party;

• Private dinner;

• Fascinating tour;

• Strict social rout;

• Official banquet;

• A carefree weekend outside the city, etc.

However, no matter what the situation, the service must be top-class so that it gives the customer maximum pleasure. From here high requirements to girls and the prices for the client. However, the entire list of services specified in the agreement. The escortress must sign a contract with the agency (at the first appeal) and serve the client within it. Additional services are possible with mutual consent.

Types of VIP Escorts

There are 2 types of VIP escorts:

1. Local. The service involves access to a secular society with a client. A man is required to attend an event with a woman, but there is none;

2. Exit. Means rest, more often, abroad. The client wants to go to rest on some resort, but one is bored. Therefore, he orders an escort. With this service, the girl, while working, will simultaneously relax.

Is intimacy possible? Intimate services are usually not included in the terms of the contract, signed by the escortress. Here everything is purely individual. If the girl agrees, the conditions are negotiated with the customer. However, no one is forced to have sex.

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Otherwise, the victim has the right, using the agency, to file a claim with the court, indicating that the client forced her to have intimate closeness. Therefore, this type of service is called “Escort escort”, and sex is not included here.

Requirements for the escortress

Girls offering a VIP escort service in Israel should:

• Master several foreign languages;

• Have a diploma of higher education;

• Understand the psychology of communication. Therefore, graduates of humanitarian departments, in particular, psychologists and journalists, are welcome;

• Have a broad outlook so that you can easily have a conversation on various topics.

And, of course, no one has canceled an attractive appearance with femininity.

Both sides benefit.

What does a girl working in Israel as an escort get?

A young, beautiful and ambitious girl offering a VIP escort in Israel can count on:

• Good earnings. $ 10,000 is no limit. The agency creates the necessary conditions for earnings, and the size is determined by the girl herself;

• Free work schedule. You can combine study with work or devote all your free time to an escort;

• A decent standard of living. Girls are provided with elite housing, get round-the-clock support, organized leisure and decent earnings;

• Useful dating. All clients who apply for an escort are serious businessmen and belong to the elite of society. Dating with them will allow the girl to be part of it;

• Pleasant impressions. Traveling in Israel, you can combine work with outdoor activities.

If you are beautiful, educated, sociable, cheerful, want to realize a dream, to be secured and see the world, leave a free form on our resource. The promotion lasts until the beginning of 2019.

Working with our agency, you:

• Get a stable and high salary;

• Will be an independent girl;

• Become self-confident;

• You can easily pay for university tuition / apartment rental;

• Start building your own future.

What does the client get?

An attractive girl with the necessary set of knowledge will increase the status of the client. Being present at business negotiations, it will soften the negotiation process, neutralize opponents and allow the client to get benefits when making a deal.

The agency will select the appropriate support, so traveling with an escort will be more comfortable, more pleasant, and the business trip program will be more varied.

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A beautiful girl will allow the customer to spend their leisure time bright and rich. The rest form can be any:

•        Romantic evening;

• Participation in a cool get-together;

• Drive through the city at night, etc.

This will allow the client to forget about the problems for a certain time and relax a little.

If you have an emotional hunger and need to quench your thirst for intercourse, your companion will need more than one evening. A nice girl will brighten up your loneliness, will naturally support the conversation, and who knows, maybe she will become your constant companion of life.